About Us

XYLEXA, Inc., is developing a computer-aided diagnostics (CADx) platform. We are using Artificial Intelligence and image processing approach to assist caregivers with automated, accurate, timely, and cost-effective medical image diagnosis. We offer our advanced diagnostics as the decision support system for radiologists and second opinion for patients across the globe.

In parallel with medical imaging diagnostics, our researchers are applying AI and data analytics on human genomic and other omics data for the right time diagnostics and prediction of cancer. This deep biological data and molecular correlations not only give you a deep understanding of the disease situation but also guides you in a better cancer therapeutic plan.

Why Us

Accurate early stage Diagnosis

Enable healthcare providers even find mass more quickly and accurately than ever before.

Reduce Image reading time

Currently assists radiologist and reduce image reading time 10X

No Investment/License fee

There is no subscription fee and pay per study model

Reduce Recall Rate

Reduce false positive rates that prevents unnecessary follow-up procedures and unwanted biopsies

Accessible from Anywhere

Cloud based makes easy access anywhere and anytime. You can access system and your worklist

First Patients Portal

First Patient portal to upload their mammogram and get second opinion

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